Tuesday 28 January 2020

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Hello revjay123.nfpe,  

This is A. A. Turki Group of companies (ATCO) was founded back in the mid-1950's and has been successfully operating Saudi Arabia's governmental, industrial and consumer sectors. ATCO Group was founded by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Turki, with an aim to be the leading integrated solutions provider to the industrial and infrastructural sectors in the Kingdom.

We are interested in dealing with your company.

Note : We only make order via whatsapp number: +1 (320) 307-3572

We await your message on whatsapp.

Best Regards,


  شكرا   والله   المباركه   شكرا   والله   المبار

Mr Ziad Al-Turki (Chairman)

A.A Turki GROUP.
P.O.Box: 50705. King Fahad Road. Riyadh 11533.

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Whatsapp: +1 (320) 307-3572
Email:  export@aaturkgrps.com

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