Sunday 5 July 2020

Letter Of Intent

Attention revjay123.nfpe,

I am Mr. Colin Brent, the newly appointed Head of Operations, HSBC BANK, North Towers Branch, Bangkok, Thailand. I was promoted to this exalted position some Four Months ago.

Following the ongoing debt settlement program by HSBC BANK, in my position as the overall head of operations I requested all the directors from their various departments at HSBC BANK to notify beneficiaries whose payments are still pending to have their payment files scrutinized for immediate payment.

Your payment files number HSBC-WBSSC/0177/18, is among the files in my Office for payment process. I have gone through your payment files to discover that you had made several attempts to claim your payment, but unfortunately there are always hitches on the process.

I also discovered that over 80% of the beneficiaries waiting for their payment are having the same problem, mostly financial backup to claim their inherited funds. To have this situation resolved, we have approved two ways to amicably settle this debts matter.

For those who are not able to afford the financial requirements claiming their funds, the authorities of HSBC BANK Thailand, have decided to provide them with affordable means to resolve their long overdue payment.

If you can not be able to afford the cost of processing your payment, the authority of HSBC BANK, will provide you a reasonable opportunity and privilege to resolve this long over payment matters.

The way out is for the authorities of HSBC BANK, to release 50% of your total payment sum to you without you paying the bank charges, then when you received your funds into your home bank account, as soon as you confirmed the first 50% of your long overdue payment, it is only when you received 50% of your money you will pay all the bank charges to HSBC BANK, then the remaining of your money will be released pay and transfer to your account without further delays .

With this arrangement I must let you know that you will issue the authorities of HSBC BANK, a promissory letter to promise and assure HSBC BANK that you will pay all the accrued bank charges when you must have received 50% of your entire payment sum. Be reminded that your promissory letter must be stamped at the Oath commissioner's office accordingly and you will be responsible for the little amount.
I am contacting you through my personal email address and I do not have any personal interest than assisting you to accomplish your aims.

If this is okay with you I want you to get back to me to open official communication with you.



Mr.Colin Brent
Head Of Operations
HSBC BANK, North Towers Branch. Bangkok, Thailand.
Tel:- +66 871268403

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