Monday 2 August 2021

Wrong strategies that could be potentially wasting your time


I'm an expert in search marketing with more than ten years of experience in working with multiple domains and Industries.

Google trend analysis suggests sixty percent of online visitor's pop out within few seconds if they don't find anything persuasive. Chances are fairly high that they land on your competitor's website, which is quite frustrating.

How can we help? We make the difference with following:


Online positioning has always been dependent and linked with competition mapping. Hence, it's essential to understand your competitors and their strategies before you plan.


Google updates it's algorithm sequentially, many gets affected and some survive. And it all depends on how you build your links. In this case you need to understand what and howlink disavowworks.


Technical factors for optimization hold the key to success; it's the very first step towards the leap you are expecting. So it becomes necessary to fix all technical issues on website.


Contentmarketing contributes about 80% in strategic marketing tactics, where just writing or posting contents won't surely push your website position.We need to understand how to do it correctly.


Local SEO is evident; we can't ignore it at the moment. You can lure with fancy ads to your customers. However when people search you locally, you will have to consider accurate Google listing.


In most of the cases lack of specific tools to judge what's right and what's wrong, keep you hanging. Online promotion has been really competitive in recent times. Instead, you must rely on more sophisticated strategies and means of enticing new customers.


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Alexander Leandro                    
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