Thursday 3 March 2022

revjay123.nfpe Waiting for your payment.

Good  day.

Your system  has been  hacked with  a Trojan virus. It  has penetrated  your device  through adult  portals which  you sometimes  visit. Some spicy  videos contain  malicious code  that activates  after being  turned  on. Your  entire information  has already  been copied  to my  servers.

I possess  complete control  over your  device which  you use  to access the  Internet.

I can  see your  screen, I  can use  a microphone  and a  camera in  a way  that you  never notice  anything. 

I've  already made  a screen  recording. A video  was edited  with a  pornographic movie  that you  were watching  at that  time and  masturbating. 
Your face  is perfectly  visible and  I don’t  think that  this kind  of content  will have  a positive  impact on  your reputation.

I  have an  overall access  to your  list of  contacts and  the social  media profiles.  I can  send this  video from  your  E-mail or  the messengers.

If  you don't  want to  let this  happen, then  you only  need to  take one  simple step. Just  transfer 1100  USD  (US dollars)  to Bitcoin  wallet: bc1qkccuh9pmxqcm3v7wwp6jpeatutza8ltas937f8

(In  a Bitcoin  equivalent at  the exchange  rate for  the time  of transfer)

You  can find  the detailed instructions  in Google. 

After the  payment I  will remove  the video  and the  virus from  your device  and no  one will  bother  you anymore. If  I won’t  receive the  payment in  due time,  all of  your data  and the  videos will  become publicly  available.

I give  you  2 business  days.

I shall  receive a  notification that  you have  read the  letter. The timer  starts immediately. Any  complain somewhere,  including the  police, is useless.  My wallet  and an  E-mail cannot  be tracked.

If  I find  out that  you have  shared this  message with  someone else,  the  video will  become publicly  available at  once.

I  will destroy  your reputation  forever and  all your  data will  go public.
Everyone  will learn about  your passion  for the  porn sites  and more.  Changing the  passwords will  be useless  either as  all the  data is  already on my  servers.

Don't forget  that reputation  is very  important and  be prudent!

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